The Best One Yet

My absolute favorite ever Hidden Heart + The promise of a new post very soon!! Like hopefully tonight (or tomorrow)… We have a lot to catch up on!


Life (and how it gets in the way sometimes)

The first thing I do each day is write out a to-do list.
The second, third and fourth thing I do each day are anything but what’s on that list.
Then I do my nails and consider it a productive day.
-Yours Truly

Consider this a special shout out to my uncle Steph, who simultaneously read my mind and motivated me. It’s time for The Accidental Chef to return to her post!

This has been, by far, the longest No Missed-Steaks drought to date. I really didn’t mean to keep you all in the dark. I don’t have a great excuse. I’ve kind of been too busy living to stop to write about it. I don’t know how people do both. I come across so many wonderful blogs that are updated daily and are written by people that, I’m sure, are far busier than myself. I admire their dedication. I want this site to be successful and find a rhythm but given the choice to stop and write or to jump forward to the next adventure, I choose adventure every time. Between that and the fact that I’m not a strong writer, it’s become clear: I AM VERY BAD AT KEEPING A BLOG. Not for lack of trying or caring, I promise! If you knew me personally, you’d see. I forget my phone everywhere, all the time. I walk out of the house without shoes on a regular basis. I’m terrible at responding to texts or returning phone calls. I’m not a flaky person, really. I just get sucked into whatever life is happening around me and the rest of the time, I’m day dreaming. The time flies by and I end up the worst blogger ever (and if you were to ask my friend Kendall, the worst text responder in the world too).

You might know the drill by now… It’s time for me to catch you up, make a couple promises that I will do my very best to keep and show you pretty pictures that hopefully make up for my recent distance. I’ll be quick!

We went to Lake Arrowhead. We ate, we drank, we played games, we hiked around. It was beautiful and tons of fun.

Fries became the new fun snack in our house.


I had an awesome beach day with the aforementioned friend, Kendall.


Vin and I have a ton of new clients for a brand new type of training that is going to create, basically, the most well-rounded athletes that ever existed.

(I would insert a photo here but most of the kids we train are pretty young so I think I’d better not)

We went on another one of our impromptu camping trips where we played bocce ball, played in the water and watched one of our friends nearly catch fire (he caught himself at the last second, thankfully, but he still ended up with a pretty bad burn and I ended up with a couple pretty funny morning after pictures).






(Picture of me courtesy of Vin) Who says you can’t work and play at the same time?
I  actually think this is a great picture of Jon but look at that blister/burn!!! Ouch.

We got to camp right on the beach. The sky was beautiful! Check out those clouds!!


I decided that peanut butter cookies sounded good one morning and was so delighted by the fact that I actually already had all the ingredients that I just had to make them right away.


I kept my cilantro alive(-ish) as well as a little baby basil plant. I never knew that basil flowers!!


Vinnie and I are still basically the cutest couple ever.


I decided what my dream house looks like.

Oh, and the Hidden Hearts keep coming’…














There’s been a lot more stuff but none that I have pictures of so this is where I leave you. Let’s be real… daily posts aren’t my thing. I hope you guys are okay with an attempt at weekly updates ’cause that’s what I’m going to shoot for now. In the end, I think the content of each post will end up more engaging, plus I won’t have to feel so bad about being such a slacker!



Simply a Wonderful Day

Vin and I tend to go to bed pretty late and that leads to us getting up pretty late the next day. To avoid any judgement, I will refrain from specifying the actual times but it’s become a vicious pattern. What can I say? I’m a little nocturnal… I’ll be sluggish all day (especially if there is work or chores to be done!) and then the sun sets and I turn into the most energized, goal-oriented girl in all the world. I understand it’s not super healthy and I’ve tried to fix it, I promise! I can’t explain why but, for now, that’s what we’re workin’ with.
Just for the record, Vin’s even worse but shhh… don’t tell him I said that!

This morning, we did our usual early morning stirring, water drinking, quick quips about funny dreams, etc… but instead of rolling over and falling back asleep, we decided to get up and go on a little adventure. I threw on a bathing suit, we ate a quick breakfast and we left! Where we were going exactly? We hadn’t figured it out yet but it was gonna be somewhere south and sandy.

We didn’t really end up at any specific destination. Or maybe we ended up with a ton of destinations? We just drove. We drove all down the coast, stopping where ever we wanted, for however long we wanted and maybe getting just a tiny bit lost a few times. It was so much fun!
Vin and I can hang out for insane amounts of time without any trouble but car rides aren’t usually the high point of our trips. I can’t imagine that they are for most people. They are usually used for work-related conversations, maybe some finishing touches on make up (mine – not his! Usually… 😉 ) but mostly, lots of staring out the window in peaceful silence with the radio quietly playing in the background, lost in thought. I actually prefer it that way. I think it’s the lack of eye contact due to whoever’s driving (hopefully) watching the road. I can’t converse without eye contact!!
Today was different, though. We laughed together, spoke our daydreams out loud, got annoyed with a couple stupid drivers, swapped some memories, talked about all the things we want to do this summer, and sang A LOT. Someone may have even rapped a little bit but he (oops! I mean that person…) probably wouldn’t want me telling everyone since he (man… I did it again!) is a little shy. 🙂

It was a really great day.
I got to know the man I love even better than before.

You might even say I unlocked the…


(Sorry, but how perfect is that?! I snapped a picture of some random boxed wine when we were at the market.)

Anyway, I think he’d say the got to know me even better as well. We were free to be ourselves. Completely honest and goofy, fun and free.


Then we turned around and came back to our lovely little home, which is nice in a whole different way.


Ahh… Sunflowers

Aren’t they just the best?! Beautiful, big and bright… I mean, all flowers are pretty and stuff, but I don’t think I’m alone in thinking sunflowers are the happiest of them all.

Now that I’ve said all that, this next statement is going to seem extremely arrogant but it isn’t meant that way and also, I don’t care.
If spirit flowers are a thing, Sunflowers are mine.



Puzzle Piece ❤


FullSizeRender (1)
Live in Love








Well since no one guessed…

The mystery pictures were of the view of under my blanket. I thought they were pretty cool! The little holes from the stitches made it look like stars in a widely colorful sky, dontcha think?


As you may have noticed, my attention has turned a little more towards artsy stuff recently. My pile of hand written recipes is still growing and I hope to wow you with them later today. Just keep your fingers crossed that my creative juices keep flowin’!!


PS: Here’s a similar, under the covers blanket picture from a few months ago… I’m telling you, it’s a movement!!
…or I’m a genius that just gave away my secret.





To Photograph Moments or To Live Photo-Worthy Moments? That is the question.

Touching back on that last post for just a second… or maybe more like a minute. I have never wanted to be the type to live my life through a lens. I think it is far more important to actually live life. Trouble is, I love photography. I may not be great at it (as previously mentioned) but practice makes perfect, right? So there’s my conundrum. Should I leave the camera at home and just breathe in the beauty that surrounds me, or do I try to capture it and possibly miss some of the other wonders that are happening in each and every moment?

We’ve all seen those people that are so sucked into their phones or other whosits and whatnots, taking pictures and forgetting to actually live. I don’t know about you, but I feel bad for them.
And to be completely honest, I almost always forget my phone so even if I wanted to be that way, it would be pretty difficult…

I’m still waiting to hear your guesses of what the pictures in the last post are of!! but as I have been going through my photos I’ve come across a few others I wanted to share and possibly even get some feedback on! Positive or negative, it doesn’t matter. All opinions are welcome! Plus it would be nice to know whether or not these words that I’m sending out into the internet universe are being heard…

Drive by shootings…
(Sorry… I couldn’t help myself)



I can’t take credit for this next one… It was taken by our friend’s two year old son. I think he might have what it takes!


And as you might remember, I have a thing for nature so get ready for some trees, y’all!



Don’t you just want to read there for hours?? So peaceful.


That’s all for now. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!