It’s a funny thing… It seems to come and go as it pleases. If I have a deadline, there’s a very small chance that whatever I come up with will be any good, nor genuine. If the mood strikes, however, I can’t stop. The ideas just keep piling up and I get too excited to even know how to begin.

Now, maybe you’re thinking that I’m one of thosChalk arte wonderfully proactive, self motivating people…

Uh-uh. Nope. Not even sort of.

That makes these windows of inspiration really fun for me (although possibly incredibly annoying to those who are subjected to my sudden spike in enthusiasm… I hope they love me anyway.)

I’ve been trying to figure out what sparked my latest burst of creative energy. Am I bored? Doubtful. Am I procrastinating? Eh, possibly but I don’t think so – this time, at least. Am I attempting to distract myself from something? I’m sure that’s been the case before but not now…

I think it’s joy.

I bet that if you could compare the levels of joy and creativity in my head (or if we want to be cheesy about it – my heart) they would be directly related. It’s not like I was really unhappy before. As life goes, some days are good and some days suck. Recently, though, everything has sort of slowed down and come together into an easy bliss. It’s a feeling I didn’t know existed. It’s pretty nice! You should try it.

Shoot. I hope I didn’t just jinx it…

Anyway… I guess my point is, for me, creativity comes most easily and most purely when I am joyful. That seems to be my new norm and since I’m running out of ways to artistically play with my apartment, yet another blog is born.


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