My dad goes all over the place for work. For the most part it’s been a bummer because he has to leave, but the upside is that I’ve gotten to visit him a few times 🙂 Hong Kong, Malaysia, Prague, France, the Carribean… I’ve had some pretty great adventures. I don’t necessarily remember all of them… I was too young in Hong Kong and maybe had a bit too much wine in France? Mostly I do remember, though. I remember the excitement and build up before the day of departure, the thrill of some borderline scary flights, the curiosity that comes with being someplace completely new – the feeling of discovery and the intake of knowledge during these trips definitely made up for any school I may have missed – the onset of homesickness in some cases, the amazing people I’ve gotten to meet and the wild elephants I’ve gotten to ride (100% true and easily my favorite memory!)…
Those will remain wonderful memories and those memories, a huge part of who I am.

That being said, the map above represents the future. The places I have always wanted to explore and the places I want to return to with fresh eyes. Luckily, I have a partner that has the same urge to see it all with me. So watch (patiently) as that map fills up with future dreams followed by the stories of those dreams coming to life.


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