I have decided to try something a little different. From now on, I am going to include nutrition information with my recipes (as well as add it to the ones I have previously posted). I don’t mean calories, fat,sugar etc etc… I am more interested in the benefits that  come packaged in each yummy ingredient. The idea sprouted from a book I have called The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth.

I’ve had it for years now and, while I’ve never read it cover to cover, it’s fun to flip through. A while back, I decided to try and include as many foods listed as possible in each of my meals. Honestly, it’s so much easier than you’d think. Healthy foods really don’t get enough credit taste-wise.

Getting enough protein isn’t always easy for me. Aside from delicious, regular ol’ soy beans, I’ve ventured away from most soy products which tend to be a prominent protein source for vegetarians. They just never turn out the way I want them to!! (Unless I buy the Sesame Tofu from Whole Foods or Kung Pow Tofu from Lazy Acres that is… YUM) Thankfully, this book pointed out many protein rich foods that I hadn’t considered. As we continue forward you’ll see for yourself what might work for you.

I feel that I should make a couple things clear:

  1. I am by no means an expert on nutrition. The only thing I have going for me here is that I enjoy learning and eating. Nothing that I include with my recipes should be taken as absolute fact. Shoot, even some of the smartest people of their time thought that the earth was flat and I’m only almost that smart. All I can do is pass on information that I find interesting.
  2. I do try to create and eat “clean” meals but I’m only human. Often times, butter (which is actually in the book!) or something along those lines finds it’s way in to the pan. When I mention benefits of ingredients, it doesn’t necessarily mean the dish is low calorie or will help you lose weight. Of course it would be nice if they went hand in hand but as they say… If wishes were horses, we’d all take a ride.
    OR (and I apologize in advance for this) If dishes were courses, we’d all take a bite? Hm… Needs work.

The benefits (and drawbacks) of different foods can be really surprising. Unfortunately, it can also be pretty controversial. As trends come and go, opinions change. I can’t keep up with it all so I’m only going to concentrate on positive attributes rather than struggling to find the winning answer. As a vegetarian, I hear a lot of different “right” answers. I should eat meat, meat is murder, tempeh is great for you, soy rots your brain and so on and so forth.
As flattering as it is that people pay such close attention to my diet (please note the sarcastic tone there) the odds are, their words won’t change anything. Some people live entirely off vending machine food and I don’t tell them to change. (They should, though… that’s gross.) Enough on that… Would someone please help me down from my soapbox now?

Back to the point, as I collect interesting tidbits I plan on sharing the ones most relevant to each recipe. I hope that you find it as interesting as I do!



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