Cumin Out


Apart from the rich, delicious  flavor that cumin brings to any dish there seems to be an even better back story. This post is going to be short but sweet – and I do mean sweet. Apparently in Europe during the Middle Ages cumin was used to keep lovers faithful. Women baked it into the bread that they sent along with their men as they went into battle in order to keep those men from straying. Similarly, cumin was considered the flavor of greed because it’s pungent flavor takes over almost any dish. Don’t those two go hand in hand? Greed (Ugh, I hope not) –  faithfulness and  loyalty (YES) –  the desire to own (meh…). I suppose I should say don’t those four go hand in hand in hand in hand…?

Regardless, I think it’s sweet. I think it’s lovely that there’s a sort of poetic story behind a such a simple herb.

And finally, the very best part and along the very same lines… at the same time, in the same areas of Europe people would feed their chickens cumin along with their food and THE CHICKENS WOULD STAY. They wouldn’t stray into other yards. They would happily stay put in their own yards. I wonder if there is something scientific about this or if its just a beautiful mystery. In the mean time I might just sprinkle a little cumin into my mans food as a little magical safety net. 🙂

It does provide some health benefits too and I’ll let you all in on those later but this part was way too fun to keep to myself.


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