I just recently decided to go through, clean out and organize the photo albums on my phone and computer and I came across this series of pictures. The story that goes along with them is too great not to share.

One morning I was running late to work (nothing new, I’m sorry to say) when I stepped outside and got bombarded by a seagull. Seriously, this fella came out of nowhere and flew right into my head (okay, okay maybe not into my head really but close enough to cause a tiny heart attack…. okay, okay maybe not a heart attack but still, it was quite a startle). I obviously stopped in my tracks to see what this thing was that came at me when I realized it was just a little seagull. His name was Sully… cute kid. He looked a little confused and seemed to have an injured wing and bloody beak. I, of course, felt bad but I had to get to work! He disagreed. No joke, he paced up and down, back and forth on my stairs and each time I went to get by him, he’d jump at me. After like 10 or so minutes (again, no joke) he jauntily hopped down the stairs and around the corner. I was free! …or so I thought. Dun dun dunnnnnn

I walked around the corner and, again, he jumped at me! Off my neighbors staircase and right into the middle of my pathway – the path to my car, to work, to FREEDOM. (Clearly, I am making this seem a bit more dramatic than it actually was but just go with it. Poetic license and all…)

Anyway, this seagull and I had a pretty long stand off and to be totally honest, he was kind of scary! I’ve seen seagulls get pretty ferocious. One time I was at the beach and had a Chronic Taco burrito with me that I was pretty excited about. It was wrapped in foil AND paper AND a plastic bag. Despite all of that packaging, one little seagull got to it and devoured the whole thing (wrappings and all) while I took a quick dip in the water. Plus, like I mentioned before, Sully looked like he had blood on his beak. You put all that together and I was thinking this bad boy was a possible killer. So I was scared and when I saw my chance, I took a run for it.

The end, right? Uh-uh…

The picture you see above is what I came home to after work that day. At this point, it was just too funny to be scary. I will never know what brought him to our stoop or what made him stay for THREE DAYS but that’s what happened. We fed him and gave him water. He somehow knew to poop (almost) always in a paint tray we happened to have on our porch.




Even though he scared the hell out of me at the beginning, it was soon clear that he was harmless. It seemed like he actually enjoyed having us around. I should be able to say that he enjoyed hanging out with us but, in reality, he called the shots. He’d wait on the porch for me to get home or show up soon after. If we were in our living room he’d come right up to our screen door and peer in.


He stopped running away any time we came near and instead seemed to enjoy the company! After the first day, he started practicing his flying. He’d jump off the top of our staircase and we’d hear a big thud. It made me nervous every time. The little buddy was injured – he needed to be more careful! He was determined, though, and each time there’d he’d be, waddling right back up the stairs.

As with so many good things, his visit came to an end. One day there was no thud. I wasn’t there to see it, but I know he flew away. He was (and somewhere still is) a happy little fighter.

There you have it, folks… The most random stray pet story ever and I got to see it with my very own eyes.



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