Vinnie’s a soccer coach and I do personal fitness/ agility/ injury prevention training. No, that isn’t how we met and no, we are not weight lifter, health nuts – yes, at times (however, rarely) our jobs overlap and yes, they are kind of the best jobs ever. As it turns out, his Wednesday training was cancelled and mine, very easily rescheduled. We had to take advantage right?!  What started as a day off together with a drive to a faraway beach ended as a drive up the coast to Malibu and a wonderful night camping across the street from the ocean at Leo Carrillo. This is our life. Don’t misunderstand, there are parts that are stressful but if I’m honest, they are few and far between. We are at a point that we can spontaneously leave. Never for all that long but at least the option is there. We have semi grown up jobs and we still get that option!! I always thought that these split decision trips were kind of a college thing and yet, here we are keeping it going, careers and all.

I was raised to be respectful, not flaky, accountable etc… I believe I am that way. Vinnie is that way as well, maybe even more so than me. I have a tendency to run late so there’s the fly in my respectful, accountable, non flakey ointment (my boyfriend doesn’t have that problem… Butthead. Why does he have to go and be all perfect? Makin’ me look bad!!). However, while everyone else is having babies and weddings, we are having LIVES. I want to marry him
(…………..I’ll pause here for those of you who’ve known me for awhile and have just fainted at the idea of me settling down…………..),
if I decide to have babies they’ll be with him and I might be fooling myself but I think we have time for all that. If I’m wrong and I die husband and childless then feel free to laugh at my naive mistakes but also know that I really enjoyed story-making.

Back to camping… I guess as far as stories go, this one isn’t as exciting as others. It was gorgeous and peaceful. The decision to go came late the night before, followed by a morning of packing up food, beer and other camping necessities and before we even knew it we were on our way. I don’t know where you all live but anyone even remotely close should camp at Leo Carrillo. It’s beautiful, the weather is always perfect, you can fish, there are almost always surf-able waves, you’re allowed drink beers on the beach… Is there anything else that needs to be said? Just go! Be spontaneous!! Stop reading and leave right now!!!
All of those things were true of this time we went except it was super low tide and therefore exciting/ scary for me to watch three seemingly tiny surfers almost bash their heads open on the rocks every time. Yikes. Supposedly, at negative low tide, there is supposed to be a perfect wave that barrels for 100 yards or so. I think we got there a little too late for that part but it was still amazing to watch.
On the way back to the car from this amazing wave, Vin and I walked along hand in hand, talking about everything and nothing at the same time. We kept looking over our shoulders to watch the surfers. It was total bliss.

And then I stepped wrong on a rock and completely ate it. I think I still have whiplash from trying to catch myself and a giant bruise on my butt if anyone needs proof.

Didn’t see that comin’ did ya?
No matter… We got back to our camp site to set up all of our brand new, never been used, Vinnie’s birthday camping stuff and , though the guys that were doing construction directly in front of our site were happy to see us, we were slightly less happy to see them. Plus side = there was no other campers around
Down side = that was because those construction trucks are very loud
We set up, we admired the stars while trying to point out different constellations, we ate, we drank, we were merry. The construction guys didn’t matter apart from the few times I dove in front of moving cars to stop them from driving into giant piles of dirt that they had made in the process of whatever they were doing. You’d think they’d put up cones or something right?! They didn’t. And so I dove. I dove right in front of those cars to keep them from driving into a giant pile of dirt. Funny thing here: I think maybe only one of them actually needed me to but we can blow right past that and pretend I was super helpful.

The construction guys left and everything was dark and silent and beautiful. It smelled like campfire. The stars were bright and a couple were shooting and, therefore, promising. It was perfect. Man, I love camping.

I woke up earlier than Vin the next morning. I got to listen to the birds and squirrels talk to one another and I got to see them try to eat our food. It was too cute to get mad at. If you think about it, we were sort of in their territory anyway so how could we get mad? The cool morning slowly burned into a hot early afternoon. My nose got burnt enough to make me just slightly comparable to Rudolph. The best part was playing on my yoga swing once we put the tent away. There is something indescribably majestic about stretching alone in nature on a swing hanging from a tree. IT FEELS SO GOOD. So freeing…


And then we left. We had to be back for work. Duh people… we’re not animals.

The weird thing to say to end this story is that coming home was equally enjoyable. Coming home from a vacation felt like we were going to a vacation. Is that living the dream or what?

Point being: Have as much spontaneous fun as possible but create a life that you enjoy coming home to just as much.




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