The Hidden Hearts

I can’t take credit for that name, unfortunately. That credit goes to a young lady by the name of Ms. Delaney Geiger who immediately thought of it when I told her about my new project.

I have a habit of seeing hearts everywhere. ♥
I don’t look for them, but there they are… everywhere I look. I decided to start taking pictures of the ones I come across. So far I only have pictures of four. Seems like a low number but those four came in three days. Some are more abstract and some are super obvious. This is what I have so far:

Yes, there is a heart painted on my closet door in the background but check out the bottom of the photo. A little to the left of center, you’ll find another heart. It isn’t painted or drawn on. It’s just a place where the paint on the stove had been chipped/worn of over time. How cool is that??
Clearly drawn on but from standing view (and with my terrible vision) this heart wasn’t easy to see. This is out in front of a Subway in Ventura and I’m sure people see it all the time but I loved finding it and I think it fits in with these other hidden hearts.
This is a dried piece of cilantro that I came across while taking dinner dishes off our kitchen table. I have thought a lot about how weird it is that I see hearts everywhere, but this little guy was the inspiration behind actually documenting them. I mean, what are the odds?

The last one is a bit harder to see. I (like so many others) got a little into chalk painting things, so my kitchen has two (let’s just call them canvases – even though they ‘re really just the lids to IKEA storage boxes painted with chalkboard paint :). If you have looked at my other posts, you may have seen that I try to change those “canvases” every so often. I did that just the other day and I tried different and new (to me) techniques. The picture ended up pretty cool! Kind of textured, kind of bright at points and still manages to have that cool chalk look. It turned out pretty good for someone that is just plain awful at drawing.

Whaddya think?

So this last heart is compliments of the drawing above. One process I tried made a surface that looked like this:


…And while trying to clean off that board using just water and a paper towel, I accidentally created this:


Do you see it? It’s a little far fetched but just like all the others, I glanced over and that heart shape stood out first. I am curious to see if anyone else finds these accidental hidden hearts on a regular basis. If you do read this and you like the idea maybe post your own Hidden Heart photos in my comment section. I will continue to show you the ones I find!


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