So this painting had been in my life for many moons now (at least 3 years, in this case) and I’ve never seen it. I think these hidden hearts are one of those things that people don’t notice until one stands out and then they’re seen everywhere. I can’t not see hearts now (sorry for the double negative!). It’s vague and blurry but in a sad, tired moment I saw this one. 

It’s tricky. I almost want to type the word “found” instead of “saw.” The truth is I don’t find them, I’m not searching for them, they just make themselves clear at the most strange times. I think they’re beautiful and they make me happy. 

Just in case you can’t see this one, it’s right in the middle of the picture – mostly  red with just a hint of blue. 

I’ve yet to receive anyone else’s hidden hearts! Where y’all at??


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