Spring Rolls

This is more of a free for all than a recipe… The one thing that stays consistent no matter what is the rice paper wrappers. I got mine at a Vietnamese store that has so much cool stuff. Plus it’s called The Peace Market and that’s wonderful.

I’ve put all different sorts of veggies in these Spring Rolls – spinach, carrots, bean sprouts, avocado, Thai chilis, broccoli, cauliflower and more that I probably don’t remember – I’ve also put in Sriracha, peanut sauce, lime juice, cilantro, basil, rice noodles and so on. I mean you really can’t go wrong. They taste great and feel light in your stomach plus you can make them as healthy as you’d like. They work for any meal or just snack time/appetizers. Get creative!

The ONLY tricky part is rolling it all up. The secret is to make a bunch of smaller ones rather than a few big ones. I use a large cutting board to prep the wrapper. You just take the hard rice paper wrapper and get it slightly wet on each side – it will continue to absorb water and soften so don’t soak it! – while it’s pliable (no rush here… the wrapper starts to stick to itself after 3-5 ish minutes and even then it’s somewhat maneuverable and will help keep all your goodies inside!) add in your veggies, noodles, herbs, chicken, whatever… then tuck in both of the shorter sides before rolling it all up together.

I sometimes chop up garlic and add it to some soy sauce for a yummy dipping sauce or use Sriracha, Sweet Thai Chili Sauce or peanut sauce. All are delicious 🙂



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