Hey guys! Sorry it’s been so long since the last post but its been a busy week (in terms of my own life, not real life 🙂 ) and many hearts have come and gone in that time. People keep telling me that because I’ve I’ve recognized it once, of course I see hearts everywhere. Well folks, my poor boyfriend/ friends/ parents etc can attest to it… It’s not a fluke. And I’m not looking for them either. The hearts find me! Or somehow that shape stands out to me more than others? Or maybe I keep my eyes off my phone/ computer (ironic as I type this, I guess) long enough to see these things? Regardless of the reason, I see them in everything and everywhere and I love it. Delaney sweetly compared it to how a lady bug landing on you is supposed to be good luck. I’m choosing to believe her!

Lets start with this one:


See it? To the left of my left wrist theres a tiny piece of basil or something that from a distance looks like a heart. (if I’m being completely honest, up close it looked a lot like a “V” but I have bad vision, this is my blog and so I say it was a heart in my sink!!). I’m fairly certain Vin thought I was having a heart attack due to how emphatically I called his name to take this picture.

It’s easily the most farfetched and if you’re already skeptical, it probably doesn’t help but stay tuned… There are so so so many more to come.


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