The Hidden Hearts Game/ #7 <3

This idea was inspired by my dad and then it really took off around Valentine’s Day as you might imagine. After hearing my nonstop enthusiasm about the hidden hearts, my dad sent me a beautiful picture of turtles under the sea with rocks and such and asked me if I could find the heart. I immediately found two (that isn’t a brag… If anything I think it shows a bit more of how nerdy I can be) and that inspired this game, played so many other times in so many other fashions:

How many hearts can you find?



The difference between this game and other similar ones is that there is no correct answer. I’ve realized after seeing many random hearts that everyone else finds their own. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pointed the one I see out and had a friend point a different one out in response. Even better! So include the V Day decorations or don’t but see how many you can find in this picture. By all means send comments of what you see, or make my day and post a picture of your own! There’s no way to go wrong if these simple things  make you as happy as they make me. Shapes, colors… I’m sorry if you joined in hoping for a sophisticated website. If so, this may not be the place for you but feel free to stay and wander around anyway. It’s fun to enjoy the little things.

And seriously, give it a day or two… You’ll start seeing hearts everywhere too!!


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