Snack Time + #8



These ones didn’t even find me… Vinnie caught them first. I promise it wasn’t the least bit on purpose!! I’m literally snacking on some plums and toast and beer cheese right this minute but I couldn’t wait to share these new Hidden Hearts with you. I wish I could include the homemade beer cheese recipe with this post – just to set this blog back on track with a foodie vibe rather than this Hidden Hearts theme – but the recipe is a family treasure and one that I won’t be sharing. Sorry! I promise to share any and all other secrets with you as I go along (probably) but the beer cheese recipe remains top secret. I will tell you that, true to form, I did change the original recipe just a tad but I think that’s a part of all recipes and cooking in general. You can take something that was already perfect and make it even more perfect for yourself. Now I have the story of a family recipe that I tweaked just a little to make it my own… plus the Hidden Hearts that went along with it.

Happy Sunday!!


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