Hidden Hearts #9 & 10


No matter how tired or lazy I feel, there are two sure fire ways to reinvigorate myself. The first is stretching – that’s a post in itself – and the second is going for a walk. Our apartment is in a beautiful neighborhood only a few blocks from a huge golf course. I love walking there… There are tons of different paths and a wide variety of cool houses along the way. The only hard part is getting my butt up if I’m in that tired/lazy mode! I have to try to catch even the smallest wave of energy and ride it into a walk or stretch or really any other physical activity. After that I’m a whole new woman.

Slight detour here: I always feel funny calling myself a “woman.” In my head I’m still a “girl.” Where’s the line for that? I apologize for the random thought. Now where were we?

There’s something about the movement, fresh air, change in scenery, I don’t know what exactly but it is so rejuvenating. It’s more energizing than even the strongest coffee could ever be and somehow still calms all those thoughts that like to bounce around in my head.

A few days ago, Vin and I went for a walk in the early afternoon. It was nice and warm out but the air was still crisp and fresh. The idea for a walk was spur of the moment but it was wonderful and refreshing. These walks always are… I have no idea why we don’t do it more often.

Finally arriving at my main point… About halfway through our walk, we turned down a street that we’ve strolled down a bunch of times and for the first time I saw this beauty:


I didnt have have my phone with me at the time (without trying to sound snooty, I think people should go for more walks without their phones. If I hadn’t, I may not have found these hearts! Who knows what else we miss with our noses buried in technology?)  so I went back later that evening to take pictures of my new Hidden Hearts.

Clearly, this one wasn’t accidental but I was still thrilled to find it. Then, not ten yards from the first one, on the same street, I came across this one:

I don’t know if you can tell and it may remove some of the magic but this one is just gum that’s been mushed into the sidewalk! I mean, if someone made it on purpose they may have quite a lucrative future in used gum spitting art.

I find new hearts every day. Trust me, if I told you about each of them you’d get so sick of me. Have you found any yet? Or maybe something similar, along the same lines? I’d love to see them if you have!


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