A Breakfast and Bowling Birthday

My Dad’s birthday was yesterday and we went out to breakfast and then went bowling. It was awesome because we never get to spend our actual birthdays together. Plus, although we get to hang out fairly often, activities (like bowling) are rare for the whole fam.

We had breakfast at a little place that’s like five minutes from home called The Starling Diner. They have AMAZING scones and French Toast. The rest of the breakfast menu (that I’ve tried) has been great. If you live in this area or if you come to visit Long Beach, I highly recommend checking it out.


Vin and I at breakfast. Photo courtesy of my mom ❤

We had such a fun day chatting over breakfast (complete with mimosas of course!) and then we bowled a few games while still just chatting and messing around a little bit. When our time at the lanes was up, Vin and I hung back and played Ski Ball at the arcade. After such a laborious day, a nap was clearly the next step. My point is, yesterday was an awesome day. I hope my dad enjoyed his birthday as much as I did! 🙂



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