Why writing with pencils is the best + a “thank you!” to my Uncle Steph


Isn’t this card cool? It came in a box with all different polaroids taken by a various people. I’ll give you more info about them after you read the rest of this post 🙂

I love the feeling of writing. I mean pencil on paper writing. There is something therapeutic about emptying your mind onto paper. It is definitive and yet still erasable just in case you change your mind.

Side note: For me it’s pencils over pens (unless I’m being fancy), mechanical over wood and 5mm over 7mm. Mmm… That’s the good stuff.

I think my whole life my mom wanted me to write thank you notes. I’m about to sound a bit more aged than I am, but it really is a nice thing and something that is lacking in my generation. I fought her when I was younger (and by that I mean I just procrastinated and tried to get out of it like any annoying kid) because I didn’t want to take the time to write them but I’ve come back around now. Plus stationary is fun! 🙂

I want to try something a little different in this post. I’ve thought about it on several different occasions… What if I hand wrote my posts, took a picture of them and used that picture instead of typing it up? I think that would be a cool twist on the whole blog thing and I’m trying a very minor version of it today. It has been so fun having this site but I think it’s clear that I’m not as technologically advanced as most and I have already expressed my love for actually writing. Unfortunately my internet connection is super slow and the pictures would take forever to load so I’m going to keep going the way I have been. I call it though! If that ever becomes a trendy thing, you’ll know you heard about it here first! It seems appropriate to try it this one time though since I’m talking about writing and thank you notes and the thank you note I just wrote is kind of about this very site.

I had asked my uncle Stephan to look over this site and give me some feedback. He is an incredible dude. Smart, funny, artistic, spontaneous… The list goes on and on. I guess it runs in the family ;). He did and I wanted to thank him for his feedback and support so I wrote him this little note:

Although our whole conversation was via email a hand written thank you note feels more sincere, for some reason.

So to sum up, writing is therapeutic, 5mm mechanical pencils are the best, I’m trying to make thank you notes trendy again and my Uncle Steph is awesome. Oh! and you should check out his site:


If you enjoy anything artistic, you’ll love it.

Thanks for tuning in!


PS: I got those notecards from Target but the company is called Chronicle Books and their website is http://www.chroniclebooks.com and this is the link to the polaroid notecards that I got: http://www.chroniclebooks.com/titles/polaroid-notes.html





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