On a walk again/ HH #15&16 + Where’d you never expect HH #17, 18, 19 & 20

On a walk again…

I’ve mentioned how much I enjoy going for walks to the golf course (since I don’t golf, its just a beautiful park to me!). The last Hidden Hearts that I showed you, we came across on a previous walk. This past weekend, we walked to that same park/ golf course both Saturday and Sunday. It may be one of my favorite places. It’s so peaceful and pretty and I think you are actually supposed pay to get in so we’re kind of rebels. Shhhh 😉 Oh! and you can make flower chains there, too!

So this past weekend, on a similar path on which we found the last Hidden Hearts we found these two:

If you click on the pictures or even hover over them you can see the captions that go along with them!

We decided to detour just a little this time just for the heck of it and somehow these hearts were found on the same stretch of street at the last two walking Hidden Hearts. I guess I must have been too excited after finding the last ones to pay close enough attention.

*I’d like to take back any mention of “finding” these hearts because that implies that I was looking for them. It would be a lie to say that I never have – sometimes, I get too excited after seeing one and try to turn every one I find into one. To me, though, those ones don’t really count. The ones that are forced don’t bring me nearly as much joy as the ones I just stumble upon.

Where’d you would never expect

I had originally meant to create two separate posts for these ones and the two above then I remembered that this was intended to be a food blog! While I love the Hidden Hearts theme, it has taken a little away from the new recipes/ health info/ etc… Although, as you know I see them everywhere, I think that showing only the truly unique ones will:
1) Give me the chance to get back to food-ing.
2) Keep the Hidden Hearts special.

With that said, here are four new ones that are much different from the others (yet identical in their ability to charm me…

I have yet you hear from any of you guys but I’d still love to!!

PS: On the WordPress stats page it shows that someone from Brazil checks out my site. I’m not sure who it is but I’d love to find out!! I really appreciate the support!




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