Like a Whole New World


No one would’ve ever expected me to be a home maker. Honestly, just that term makes me cringe a little. It wasn’t all that long ago that I refused to be the girl that spends her time cooking and cleaning, what have you – especially on top of working. Please don’t misunderstand, Vin helps a ton every day and I truly enjoy the creativity of cooking and the feeling of gratification I get from cleaning (though, to be fair, that is definitely my least favorite part). The best part, though, is that slowly but surely we have turned a plain ol’ apartment into the perfect home for us.

I have always preferred to work but now, I have found a wonderful balance between work and – cringe – homemaking. We’ve created a little slice of paradise. Our similar schedules allow us to do little projects around the house. We’ve managed to create the perfect space in in a pretty tiny (but amazing – shout out to my mom for finding it!) apartment. I’ll show you the before and after pictures in just a second! 🙂

Nothing against the previous tenants, but let’s just say their tastes were a bit different from my own. The place needed a little work and over time we did that work. We have turned it into the perfectly eclectic place it is today. The most fun part is that we keep finding ways to to mix things up, something that is hard to do when you basically live in a tree house. That probably sounds like a complaint but its really, really not.

This is what our place started like:

We changed it into this beauty:

And now:

I’m sure things will continue to change and when they do I’ll show you so you can steal my brilliant ideas!


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