Photography: A Blessing and a Curse

I’m a little torn as I write this. I believe that the ability to capture a moment, an emotion, in a snapshot is amazing. Trouble is, everyone is taking pictures of everything, all the time now. Many of them are gifted but, still, even some of the most gifted are too busy with their faces buried in their phones or, perhaps, their artistic integrity deprives them of actually living in the world they’re photographing. Instead they view it through a lens.

It’s an art form that I love, that I find moving and that I (attempt to) participate in myself from time to time. I hardly consider myself a true artist but I dabble. I love stumbling across beautiful moments and trying to catch them before they disappear. It’s difficult, though, to decipher between which moments to try and capture and which to simply soak up. Maybe it’s just me but, it is always a clear choice when to bask in the moment or when to snap a picture. I’ll see the same cool tree day after day or a nearly identical sunset while walking down my street and, mostly, I just enjoy it. I don’t even think about taking a picture. Then, there are times when I can’t not take a picture. I wish I could say that those all turned out as masterpieces but not even close.

I have a pretty good excuse for not taking more pictures: I usually forget to bring my phone places. It’s sort of accidentally on purpose I think. If I don’t have it, I can’t help but live in the moment. Even when I had a nice camera, I rarely remembered to bring it with me or, if I did, actually use it. Sometimes, I see the moments I wish I was able to print out and share but if I were to try to, they would never come out right. I just don’t have the gift that others have. That said, sometimes I try. The adventures I take (mostly just my boring ol’ walks) don’t always include wonderful memories that I want to retain forever but they are perfect for toying around with light and flowers and architecture and, and, and…

So here is some of my photography. Unfortunately, I was too busy living the most beautiful moments to capture them but I think these are pretty. Some of the photos are altered, but most aren’t. This batch is all from the walks you’ve heard so much about. I like them and Vinnie says he likes them. I hope you do too!



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