Apology To My Fan(s?)

Hey guys!
I am so sorry to have deprived you of my gift these past couple weeks (slight sarcasm there). Time just flew by! All the beach going, soccer games, lazy days, catching up with friends, cooking/creating new recipes, working, etc… It can really take a toll on a person. I know it sounds rough but try not to feel too bad for me! 😉 Not to worry, though. I have taken copious notes on all new recipes, Hidden Hearts, as well as, all random thoughts and new nutritional info. In the following hours and days you’ll receive an addictive tamale casserole recipe, one for the best breakfast tacos, another for a great mediterranean pasta salad and, finally, a recipe for stuffed French Toast that rivals the one served at my family’s favorite breakfast place. Sorry for all the bragging but I’m just a wee bit proud of myself. It was about time I came up with some new recipes! You’ll also see pictures of new Hidden Hearts – some faint ones discovered by yours truly and, quite possibly, the best one yet found by an incredible young lady that I have the pleasure of training*.

*That’s my job, by the way… physical training for athletes – any age, any sport. I’m not sure whether or not I have mentioned that before. If I have, I apologize for repeating myself. If I haven’t, then feel free to spread the word! 🙂

I promise to try to be much better at keeping this site updated but here are some of my excuses for the past couple weeks…

First and foremost I had work. By that I mean, both, training and creating new recipes. Both of my “jobs” shouldn’t really be considered work because I truly enjoy them. They’re hobbies I get paid for. It’s not half bad.
On my way to training last weekend I came across some treehouse dwellers that seemed to be fishing for passerby’s. It almost worked on me but I controlled myself. I wonder what would’ve happened…


I hung out with my man…


We took our usual walks and he took embarrassing pictures of me…


I got to hang out with friends… Even more than normal, actually. It was awesome. One of those days included a trip to Disneyland. I hadn’t been there in sooo long. I got to go with my friend Mel and her beautiful baby daughter for her first trip there ever! It was pretty great to be included in a memory like that…


Out of all the cool stuff to see at D-Land, I think this is the only picture I took…


I colored… No joke. It is super soothing and fun and addicting and I highly recommend it.


I spent a large amount of time in Lancaster, as well as, driving to and from Lancaster for soccer games. I think I can safely say it was an even 50/50 between really fun and no fun at all. I’m glad I got to watch the end of a great season for Vin’s soccer team. I got some pretty funny stories out of it but  I, unfortunately, have zero pictures. Sorry ’bout that.

I think I’ve covered most bases and that this post is getting incredibly long so this seems like the perfect stopping point. I hope you all are happy to have me back! Talk at you again soon! 🙂

PS: In case you’re still unhappy with me or just having a bad day these pictures should help!!




No, I did not take either of those pictures but they make me so very happy!




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