Probably the Best Hidden Heart So Far

IMG_2742 (1)
Photo courtesy of Ms. Delaney Geiger 🙂

I just mentioned that over the past few weeks I got to make my way out to Lancaster maybe a couple more times than I would’ve liked to. Nothing against the city or the people there but the weather was a bit unpredictable, the days were long, we didn’t really know where to eat or anything. Serious problems, right?

At the end of a really long day, I was fried. Mentally and physically fried. You know the feeling… So sunburnt that your skin is trying to suck any moisture out of the air and that effort takes all the life out of you. You haven’t slept enough so you’re kind of a delirious zombie. Hungry but too tired to eat or even decide what to eat… Just the trifecta of uncomfortable-ness for a person that usually has nothing to complain about ever. So there I was in my whiny phase and I get a text from Delaney. Vinnie must’ve thought I lost it for a second because in a split second my mood lifted and I couldn’t stop smiling. She had been out to dinner and in the oil and vinegar bread dip found this perfect Hidden Heart. I don’t think she even knows yet how much she lifted my mood with this picture.  I know it’s a silly thing but I really believe that if more people got on board they’d see. So here is my favorite of all the Hidden Hearts thus far and another donation to!! 🙂


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