Hello Again

I am so bad at keeping up with this blog! If only you could see my stack of hand-written drafts, you’d know how often I think of things to share with you! It’s so much easier for me to write out all my thoughts. I can jump around more easily, I can write down separate thoughts in the margins if I want, I don’t have to worry about autocorrect… For those reasons and many more, I actually keep a notebook in every (all three of them!) section of my house as well as in my purse and usually one in my arms like a schoolgirl. I only look half as nerdy as I sound,  I promise.

I realized, recently, that a lot has changed since this blog was created. Nothing huge… a few new recipes, a few new clients for both Vin and myself, plus I’M SUCCESSFULLY GROWING A PLANT.

Aren’t they beautiful?! Vin got one a few days later…


Mine is kicking it’s butt.

Exciting stuff, huh? And probably most pertinent to this site, I have gotten so much more confident in the kitchen. The first time I made I made French Toast without looking at my recipe book I was giddy. How silly is that? I have sort of always wanted to be that woman who can flit into the kitchen and whip up some wonderful snack without batting an eye. I’m sure feminists everywhere are cringing and I apologize, but it’s true. I love the idea of being the sophisticated woman who can toss together the perfect appetizer for impromptu guests or the mom who makes a ceiling-high stack of pancakes for her kids and their friends the morning after a slumber party. I sort of float around in between those two and many other feminine ideals but at least now, I can toss together that perfect appetizer and make a ceiling-high stack of yummy breakfast foods without needing to glance over a recipe. 🙂

Trouble is, now that I have gotten more comfortable, I realize that my measurements in early recipes might have been a little off. I keep meaning to write down my updated versions of those recipes but you know me, I get caught up in the moment! I do so many things at once that I don’t have an extra hand to write anything down! Other excuses! Point being: I haven’t done it yet but I have taken pictures so I’m halfway there.


Aw, the French Toast I mentioned before. Such delicious memories…


Not exactly a sky high stack but definitely more than we could finish, despite how good they were… I’m not a huge cinnamon fan but I added some to this batch of fluffy pancakes and it was really good!! It added an earthy (if that makes any sense?) quality to the already extra fluffed, buttery, sweet but not too sweet flapjacks. Plus blueberries never hurt.


Pasta is pasta is pasta is pasta… at least in our house. I pretty much use a variation of the same ingredients each time. This pasta is basically a deconstructed version of my Red-ish Sauce. Instead of cooking the ingredients into a sauce, I just threw them all in at the very end. The veggies stayed nice and fresh. The goat cheese crumbles added a creaminess that you wouldn’t believe, without making it too rich. It was simple and flavorful and now I have to stop writing about it because my mouth is watering.


The Morning Jumble has become “the usual” for Vin. While some parts of it vary, the overall idea stays the same. A bed of spinach topped with tomato, onion, cilantro, avocado and homemade salsa on one side of a hot sauce-drizzled plate. A few strips of bacon, homemade hash browns and a couple eggs all sprinkled with cheddar on the other. The picture above is of today’s Jumble. I usually make over medium eggs but sadly, the yolks broke due to my non stick pan getting sticky so scrambled eggs it was!


How many of my recipes circle around the idea that you can just throw in “whatever you have in your fridge?” It’s a smart way to cook! Possibly a little lazy but who says the two are mutually exclusive? The picture above is of another version of my Confused in the (Rice) Noodles made with mung bean noodles. They were vegan, flavorful and amazing. (In case you weren’t aware, those words aren’t usually used together in a single sentence)
They also tasted great in Spring Rolls. I wonder how many more recipes I can mention in a single post…

As recipes grow, advance, morph, etc I will find a way to share those updates with you. Maybe you have already tried them and made changes yourself. If so, I would love to hear them!



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