Hidden Hearts: Behind the Scenes

It’s been a little while since I’ve written about new Hidden Hearts. Not because they haven’t been around, that’s for sure. It’s safe to say I see at least one every day. Plus now, Vin sees them everywhere too. He gets so excited when he points them out to me. It’s really cute.
I think it’s gotten to a point of disbelief for both of us. How are there so many of them?? I’ve been wondering if there was some reason as to why we see them so often. Like maybe hearts are just a very common, naturally occurring shape or something.
Well that isn’t it but it turns out there might actually be a scientific answer. It’s this thing called the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon (also known as Frequency Illusion). As I understand it, it’s what happens when you hear about something for the first time and, all of the sudden, it’s everywhere. Pair that with the idea that people tend to subconsciously seek out proof that their initial thought was correct (my very loose explanation of what is called “confirmation bias.” It’s a real thing. Look it up!) and we might have ourselves an answer.

Example 1: I hear about a song for the first time and then the more I hear it, the more I’m convinced that, out of the blue, it’s everywhere – even if it has been around all along.

Example 2: I stumbled upon the first few Hidden Hearts and since then, without being aware of it, part of my brain has been looking for more. It has also possibly been convincing my conscious self that even the sloppiest of hearts are just as exciting as the first one was.

My HHs may not follow that process to the letter but now we have one explanation for it.
OR they’re still magical little daily gifts for me and anyone else that comes across one. I like that explanation better! 🙂

Here are a few that Vinnie and I have seen recently:

^ We were bouncing on the trampoline that is (unfortunately, only) temporarily at home in my parent’s backyard. Mid jump I noticed that the leaves on my mom’s morning glory are heart-shaped! How perfect are they?! Plus, it’s super cool that they close up when the sun goes down. They were snoozing while were jumping.

A couple food prep hearts:


^ Who doesn’t ❤ bacon?!
…other than me

^ Beer Cheese hearts… You guys still can’t have the recipe. Muah ha ha 😉


^ A little pepper heart on a batch of salsa chicken.

Now eat your ❤ out on these dinner time delights:


^ A pretty great french fry heart that I came across while at drinks with Vin and Mel. The quesadilla in the picture is on the appetizer menu and it is sooo good and totally vegetarian!! I didn’t miss the fries for a second.

^ Our homemade Italian feast gave us two hearts. How funny that the oil and vinegar one is so similar to the HH that Delaney found! The spinach heart was a lucky find. You could only see it from one angle and that was the view from my seat. See? They do find me!

Cooking hearts, eating hearts and now for some cleaning hearts:


^ Pepper on our paper towels!

^ A tiny stubborn sprout on the dishes

^ I have no clue how I even saw this one while doing laundry. I’m really near-sighted so it’s more impressive than you’d think!

Some are created by accident by tiny humans:

^ Courtesy of little miss Penny.
Side note: I actually noticed this one while typing up this very post on our couch earlier. (Yes, she colored our couch a tiny bit. No, we couldn’t care less. She’s too adorable to be upset at and the markers are washable anyway.)

And finally, some are created on purpose just for the fun of it:


French Toast has become a delicious weekly treat and who doesn’t love finger painting with berry sauce?

Pizza my heart

^ I was pretty proud of this delicious, vegetarian pizza. You’ll have the recipe in your hands soon!

Happiness, creativity, fun, cooking, caring, giving, bonding, love and now some new science info…
What aren’t Hidden Hearts good for?




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