Pancakes for Dinner


Is there anything better than pancakes for dinner? That was dinner tonight and for something that tastes so good and feels so decadent they are sooo easy to make! I am still unsure of my technique so I kept peaking over my shoulder at my recipe. One of these days though, I’m going to be able to whip them up without a second thought. For now, that’s my biggest life goal. I know, I have it rough…

If you had seen me two months ago you would have laughed right out loud at how difficult it was for me to make pancakes. Granted, I wasn’t using Bisquick (..most of the time) but still, pancakes aren’t really considered the most difficult things to conjure up.
Let me paint you a little picture… I had never made pancakes from scratch and because I hadn’t yet started cooking anything, we didn’t have a lot of ingredients in our kitchen. So there I was, attempting to make pancakes without baking powder which (if you didn’t know) is sort of an important ingredient when it comes to fluffy pancakes. I’m being incredibly generous when saying “fluffy” by the way. I should be saying it’s an important ingredient when it comes to making pancakes that don’t taste or feel like frisbees. That being said, the mood struck and I felt like pancakes were a good idea. I looked up how to make them without baking powder and voila! you totally can. They’re called meringue pancakes. Basically you have to whip the s**t out of egg whites and sugar and somehow the result gives your batter enough air so the pancakes can be at least sort of fluffy. Sounds easy enough, yeah? NOPE. I didn’t have a whisk so an hour and a half and a very sore arm later I was almost halfway to what are called “stiff peaks.” Think milk versus whipped cream here. I was supposed to have hard core whipped cream textured egg whites.
I really did my best with my fork and it worked (ish). Vinnie lovingly pulled through and ate them with a smile. I’m assuming it was because he loves me and, more probably, forgot what real pancakes taste like. Either way, the point I’m making here is now I have a whisk and baking powder. I can make real pancakes and I think I’ve done a pretty good job nailing down this recipe.


Fluffy (Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner) Pancakes

2 cups flour
1/8 cup brown sugar
1/8 cup powdered sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1½ tablespoon baking powder
2 cups vanilla almond milk
1 egg
2 tablespoons melted butter
2 teaspoons vanilla

Mix together all the dry ingredients in a pretty big bowl

In a separate bowl, microwave the butter to melt it and then add it the milk, vanilla and then whisk in the egg. If you don’t have a whisk (I hear that happens sometimes ;)) just use a fork, it works just the same and honestly, its easier to wash.

Once mixed together, pour the milky mixture into the dry mixture. Mix it together but try to leave a few little clumps. Those little clumps create small air pockets that will make your fluffy pancakes even fluffier.


Ladle about ¼ of a cup of batter into a preheated skillet. I have always assumed that the skillet needed to be at least a little greased but I really don’t think it does. The times that I have greased the pan, the first pancake turns out kinda soggy and since I never re-grease it in between pancakes it ends up seeming totally pointless. It’s one one of the things that I’m going to leave up to you and your own discretion. To grease or not to grease? That is the (pretty ridiculous) question.

Once you’ve ladled the batter into the pan it takes roughly two minutes depending on how high the heat  (I recommend medium to high heat) to be ready to flip. You’ll know because a bunch of bubbles start coming up to the surface. There is a fine balance between waiting long enough and too long. Its jut one of those practice makes perfect kind of things.


The picture above is juuuust before you should flip. Much longer and you’ll get a kind of dark/ nearly burnt-ish side, any earlier and your cakes wont turn out as wonderful as their potential. You’ll see the bottom of the sides start to solidify and then you flip, wait about a minute and presto! You’ve got some of the ding dang darn fluffiest, yummiest pancakes ever. I’d say they rival IHOP but thats just simply not the case. Poor IHOP wishes they made pancakes like these. 🙂


Ohh one last thing… If you want to add blueberries add them in about a minute into cooking the first side. The bubbles should have just started coming up. I’m sure you could just add them into the batter but in my (short) experience they turn out better if you wait.



One other last thing… That yummy berry sauce stuff you see on the side is simply about a half cup of frozen berries microwaved with a tablespoon of butter, a teaspoon of vanilla extract and roughly a tablespoon of brown sugar. Yummy stuff 🙂