(Sort of) Susan’s Salsa


Definitely inspired by Vin’s mom’s salsa. That woman has a gift, I tell ya…

I’ve never asked her for her salsa recipe because if I were to guess, she wouldn’t know the exact measurements (sound familiar?). As for my homemade salsa “recipe”, it’s a combination of the following ingredients, mixed in whatever amounts taste good that day:

Jalapeno, habanero, serrano (any or all!)
Lime Juice
Pepper (or lemon pepper)

I’ve been known to add hot sauce and crushed red chili pepper because things that are spicy are better than things that aren’t 🙂


Notice the immersion blender in the picture… I just got it for Christmas and it’s AWESOME. For salsa, though, I’m gonna stick to my little food processor. It isn’t as efficient but I like my salsa a little chunkier.

Fresh, homemade salsa on top of fresh, homemade anything is the best. Just try it once, and you’ll be hooked!